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Uneven Bars Buckled Strap Grips
Uneven Bars Buckled Strap Grips

Uneven Bars Buckled Strap Grips



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Why we created these

We did our research and our conclusion: we can do better! Grips you can trust and rely on while giving you fantastic comfort. We can't promise you won't get rips, but we can promise you'll look stylish and ready to rock that routine!

What materials we used

The main components are of high quality European leather that has been strength tested to more than withstand the rigors of gymnastics (note that the lifetime of grips will vary based on a gymnasts weight, level, care, and amount of use). Wrist irritation is kept to a minimum with a soft leather trim that covers the top edges of the wrist section.

What else is cool about these grips

More comfort = more turns = happy coach! Check out the fancy custom made ERIN branded buckles. These grips combine perfectly with our reversible wristbands!

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